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About Us

FlexyLearn Overview

We are an international education and training organization who deliver a wide range of short, medium and long–term free and paid courses and programmes certified by reputable global universities and knowledge-based organizations using a flexible approach.

We offer an integrated trans-national education package with flexible modular learning, flexible payment options and flexible delivery platforms, including laptops and mobile phones, for individual and corporate clients.

We believe there is a knowledge and skills gap in Africa and several developing economies, and current models of education cannot meet this demand. We therefore provide a basis for increasing knowledge and skills for social and economic impact.



Our Flexible approach to learning is the hallmark of our philosophy and this includes flexibility on all our study platforms (desktop,  laptop and mobile phone), payment models (SMS, credit cards, debit cards, paypal), and course delivery models (modular, online, blended, face-to-face).


Localization –we surpass our competitors by providing a local and personal approach. Using our expertise in internationalization of education, customization of knowledge and local content development, we are able to empower and enrich our Flexylearners.


Economical and Environmental – all our courses are economical and affordable with due consideration to source for free, low cost and long courses with subsidized tuition fees that you would not be able to get directly from our global institution partners. We are also conscious of our impact on the environment and our business model is designed to reduce any negative impact on the environment and to showcase our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Xtra Benefits–we take time to source for extra benefits and value-added services and opportunities for all our Flexylearn courses and programmes.


Yours – with Flexylearn, you have ownership and control of your learning experience. We are only here to make it easier and cheaper.



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